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SE is our internal product that is a core of our Siesta Solution company. This software we built in 2016 was the spark that ignited the whole Siesta business.

PMS used by nearly 150 hotels mainly based in the Czech republic but also by hotels located in Costa Rica or Thailand.

The PMS (property management system) includes channel manager, revenue manager and booking engine. Our clients mainly appreciate the fact that this one software saves them up to tens of hours per month and to a great extent replaces human hotel manager. On top, the system works with dynamic pricing and automatically recommends to adjust prices in order to maximize profit based on market situation. The list of features goes including integration of third party applications.


  • Automated routine tasks so that hotel owners and managers can spend more time taking care of guests and their own interests
  • Time and money saved on hotel management
  • Scalability
  • Several tools included in one software


  • UI and UX design of all screens
  • Digitalization and automation of numerous processes
  • Integration of several tools into one system
  • Integration of third party applications





  • Microsoft SQL

    Microsoft SQL

  • C#


  • Visual Studio Lightswitch

    Visual Studio Lightswitch

  • Azure



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