Don’t throw your hard-earned money out the window just because of inefficient processes. Automate and optimize. You only need one system to manage your entire company. All from one place. And that’s the kind of systems we build.


Don’t hold your company back by using inefficient processes and making people do  routine work.

Run a modern business that efficiently uses both material and human resources and take it to the next level.  

Optimize your processes and operation
Automatize reporting
Automatize manual work
Integrate your data

Development process

How the development goes

Together we design the app, then we build it and after it is done, we are ready to help you promote it.

Step 1


We analyse your requirements and needs and review your current system.

Step 2

Specification and design

We specify the infrastructure and design the UI and UX for each screen.

Step 3


We develop and test the app based on your feedback.

Step 4

Support and maintenenace

We take care of the updates and fixing bugs so everything continues to run smoothly.

Internal and 3rd party

API Connections

We regularly connect both internal and external applications such as CRM, CMS or financial apps. We can integrate your app with other apps and create reports showing you data in whatever format you want incl. 3D.

  • Digitoo


  • Solitea Byznys

    Solitea Byznys

  • IFS





  • Angular


  • Microsoft SQL

    Microsoft SQL

  • Azure


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