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A healthcare technology startup that won Idea of the Year in 2019 with its product.

For Miomove, we built a mobile app that visualizes data from smart insoles used by athletes and also by doctors for treating patients diagnosed with diabetes. From the data sent in real time, doctors can then detect problems in time to prevent them. 

A smart insole containing pressure sensors analyses the pressure a person puts on their feet and sends the data to a mobile app that visualizes it interactively.

Each user can have an account in the app. Doctors then have the option to save a report related to the patient’s data to a specific patient’s file.


  • Visualization of data from smart insole weights
  • Timely resolution of potentially more critical patient issues by sending data to their doctors
  • Real-time measurements


  • UI design aplikace
  • Vývoj mobilní aplikace – zvlášť pro sportovce (Miomove MEDI) a lékaře (Miomove SPORT)
  • Komunikace mezi aplikací a hardware přes bluetooth
  • Komunikace mezi aplikací a serverem klienta


  • React Native

    React Native

  • Azure




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