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Major Czech company providing comprehensive electrical installation and design services in the areas of power, low current and measuring and regulation.

The aim of this project was to create a <system for EZH’s central business> to manage and control orders.

First, it was necessary to analyze the workflow of the whole team and then create a system that would simplify the work of all employees, save time and allow for <better risk management> – price of materials and services, planning, approval of invoices and orders.

We used the Digitoo service, which digitizes data from orders and invoices. Subsequently, the employees work with the processed data in the administration.



  • Storing data in a standardised way
  • Process automation
  • Higher productivity of teams
  • Higher motivation of project teams
  • More effective reporting for management
  • Modern platform to facilitate future innovation
  • Faster communication with suppliers and third parties


  • Workflow analysis of the project team from A to Z
  • Uploading and parsing an Excel file with input data, saving them to the database and displaying them in the administration
  • Integration and parsing of data from Digitoo API (uploading orders, invoices)
  • Different user roles with different permissions – Admin, Head of the Hub, Project Manager
  • Multi-step document approval process
  • Integration with Business API


  • Javascript


  • Typescript


  • Angular




  • ASP.NET Zero

    ASP.NET Zero

  • Azure


  • MS SQL

    MS SQL

  • Digitoo API

    Digitoo API

  • Byznys API

    Byznys API



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