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Dobrý skutek

Dobrý skutek


The client wanted us to create a new modern website including a user-friendly administration for management of fundraising and donors. The new administration was supposed to intuitively ensure the complete functioning of the organization including

  • acquiring new clients
  • creating orders on the website
  • processing payments through the payment gateway
  • connecting the system with banks to buy goods and services for clients with the funds raised.


  • streamlining the user experience on the website fr placing an order
    👉 reducing the number of steps and information needed from the donor
  • new responsive website
  • adding features that were missing in the old administration to the new one 
  • zero server costs (Azure) from Microsoft


  • simplification of the website UX & significant reduction of steps in the donor’s fundraising flow
  • data migration from the existing system, data transformation (MySQL > MS SQL)
  • integration of Comgate payment gateway
  • Fio Bank API integration
  • free Azure credits for a non-profit organization


  • Javascript


  • Typescript


  • C#


  • Angular


  • MS SQL

    MS SQL



  • ASP.NET Zero

    ASP.NET Zero

  • Azure




I am just happy.

– Ivana, Client Bridge

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