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Client Bridge

Client Bridge


An American startup from the legal environment decided to streamline communication between attorneys and their clients. To solve a common cause of client dissatisfaction with their attorneys. That’s because ‘What’s the status of my case?’ is by far the most common question all clients ask their attorneys. 

They designed a mobile app where clients can check the status of their case at any time and learn what next steps they can expect. <Attorneys can communicate with their clients online> and share case updates through their intuitive administrative system (web app).

They create a case in the administration system and update its status gradually. Clients can see the status change in their <mobile app>.

With just a few clicks needed for operation, the communication is infinitely faster than lengthy phone calls. The app is also affordable, allowing law firms of all sizes to have satisfied clients who will refer them on.

The application is currently also integrated with Filevine, which is an app primarily used for internal case management. Together with the client, <we plan to integrate Client Bridge with other applications> popular among lawyers.


  • complete case registry and case management
  • immediate and effective communication with clients
  • automated notifications to the client about changes in case status
  • more informed and satisfied clients
  • different levels of authorization in legal teams
  • automated invoicing (SaaS)


  • needs analysis and overall workflow
  • combination of two front-end solutions – web app and mobile app; same data, different needs
  • CRUD screen of web application
  • integration with a range of third-party applications – notifications (Twilio), calendar, invoicing (Xero), GraphQL API, Filevine
  • chat development
  • client satisfaction rating


  • Javascript


  • Typescript


  • C#


  • Angular


  • React Native

    React Native

  • Azure SQL

    Azure SQL



  • Firebase




I am just happy.

– Ivana, Client Bridge

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