Nakup bezpečně

Nakup bezpečně is a platform that enables customers to search for their favourite shops and order needed products immediately. After the order, the customer can easily pick the order up in the safest way possible on the set date and time.

Siesta Extranet

Siesta Extranet is a comprehensive solution for managing accommodation facilities. It is designed to increase efficiency, save time, and most importantly to increase revenues. It contains all the important components that every modern hotel system should have.

Prague Stay

Prague Stay is a regional travel portal which offers a unique selection of hotels and serviced apartments in the centre of Prague. It has better rates and brings more details than traditional online travel agencies.

Kultura doma

The Kultura doma platform is freely accessible video platform to all who want to stream their cultural performances to the public, whether for free or for a fee. Each of these people or entities goes through a simple registration, schedules a specific event, sets a ticket price, and then runs a live event over the platform.


Flowbaba is a workshop & performance live-streaming platform, listing various types of current online workshops, lectures, classes and performances. You can scroll through the website, find what interests you the most and watch the performance in real-time, or access a recording of it.

Adel Portal

Adel is a technology incubator for blockchain innovation. The community collaborates on ideas and uses the AdelWiki™ to collectively create business plans.

Siesta Cloud

Siesta Cloud is a multifunctional platform for business in the travel industry. It enables creating travel portals without the need for any software development. Portals also allow own or 3rd party services to the customers.

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