The Kultura Doma project, which has emerged during this crisis, supports the cultural scene that has been forced to move from theatres, clubs and other cultural facilities to our computer screens to fight against coronavirus spread. 

There are so many live streams of various performances in the online space, but people and institutions that existentially depend on ticket sales revenue have a very limited possibility of collecting any funds for these streaming performances. In addition, streaming art activities across many websites and social networks, making it very confusing for potential viewers.

The platform brought as much of the cultural streaming content into one place as possible. For the viewers, this unique project means better access to current cultural events. At the same time, it allows artists and institutions to simply collect admission fees for their performances, with part of the funds being donated to help combat coronavirus.

Kultura doma is a non-profit, freely available platform for streaming live cultural events as well as pre-recorded art videos. The project also has a benefit overlap, 15% of the profit from selected tickets goes to the Czech Red Cross or other charitable organizations.


Kultura doma platform

The Kultura Doma platform is freely accessible to all who want to stream their cultural performances to the public, whether for free or paid. Each of these people or entities goes through a simple registration, schedules a specific event, sets a ticket price, and then runs a live event over the platform. For the viewer, the platform will be a catalogue of ongoing and upcoming live broadcasts of music, theatres, DJs, lectures and other content to choose from. 

The today’s the very limited possibilities of social and intellectual self-realization, in a very difficult time for the psyche, the culture is essential during these challenging times. The Kultura Doma platform should provide viewers with much easier access to what the local cultural scene has to offer, which in the future should increase the overall viewership of live streaming culture.

The project is not aimed at creating new original content, but at unifying the fragmented scene of cultural online broadcasts, so at least at the beginning of the project there is no plan to provide artists with technical or other equipment for the actual realization of videos.

The platform serves as a catalogue of past, ongoing and future events. The viewer can view their details and buy a ticket. After paying or logging in (if the event is free), the user will be allowed to start the live event when the start is scheduled. The money collected will be regularly sent through the payment gate to artists and to the account of the Czech Red Cross.


Recently, we have organized a 5-day festival with Vítkovo kvarteto that had a powerful punkish vibe during the lockdown.  

29.4. – Vladivojna La Chia and Eva Turnová with Eturnity 

30.4. – Mucha 

1.5. – Mejdan online, Jana Šteflíčková, Jirka Vidasov, Sladký konec a další 

Kolben Open 7 event by Pragovka Gallery

During our journey the organisations like Pragovka Gallery, Collegium 1704, Divadlo Aqualung, Kino Egerie, Pura Vida Hostel, Buchty and Loutky, Horn Fest, Jihočeské divadlo, Kultura Potrvá, and more, are became part of the Kultura doma and live-streamed various amazing workshops, plays, performances and concerts.


To sum up, we are delighted that we can be helpful in the hardest situations in society’s life, bringing together new technologies and traditional art performances, emerging a new cutting-edge digital product.

It’s all won’t be possible without an amazing team: Sara, Eva-Marie, Knarik, Tereza, Eva, Miko, Tomas, Ondrej, Dusan, too many Honzas, Jimmy, Karel, Vit, Patrik, with the support of Anna, Katerina, Agata and a couple of marvellous volunteers.

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