It’s been an incredible experience to develop the Nakup bezpečně and launch it within 7 days. In this article, we want to share how we did it in such a short period of time. 


Tomáš Čupr, a CEO of Rohlik.cz and ex-CEO of Dáme jídlo, came up with the new project idea. This idea would make it possible to digitize every shop in the Czech Republic so customers can buy online from home, and then pick up their purchase safely. The goal of the Nakup bezpečně platform is to minimize human contact and move customers from traditional in person shopping to shopping on online stores. Moreover, this product reduces the risk of spreading coronavirus.

As soon as Mikoláš Belec, a CEO of Siesta Codes & Siesta Cloud, got the brief from Tomáš Čupr, we immediately started planning the product architecture of the platform. Within one day, after a couple of cross-departmental calls, we started to work on the development, having a brief first architecture draft of the product at hands. 


The Symbio Agency has joined us on this journey, supporting all user-friendly and remarkable design materials for the Nakup bezpečně


We implemented the Vietnamese and Russian language. So, all non-Czech speaking Vietnamese and Russian sellers can still benefit from the services that Nakup bezpečně offers, no matter what language they speak.


We have launched a front-end application where users can search by location for shops, select inventory, pay for it and select a pick up time slot. Also, we have created a back-office administration where shop owners can register their shops, easily manage them and create items. It also offers shop owners the ability to enter their inventory or choose it instantly from inventory templates and manage orders.

To sum up, within the 7 days of development, we built the platform that enables customers to search for their favorite shops and order needed products immediately. After the order, the customer can easily pick the order up in the safest way possible on the set date and time. 

At the same time, the shop’s owner can upload all their shops’ items, enabling online sales in the most agile way. 


The first shop we onboarded to Nakup bezpečně was the cafe and wholesale bakery Muffin concept located below our offices. As Muffin concept was mainly focusing on the wholesaling bakery to hotel chains, during the coronavirus crisis they were in the situation of total bankruptcy.

As our team used to buy coffee there almost every day, we immediately remembered them and reached out to them and onboarded them. After this initial success, everyone could safely onboard.


The website reached 1000 shops and more than 10,000 visitors within the next week. 

Moreover, the project is supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism. We also gained recognition from the various media channels, such as Forbes, Médiář, CzechCrunch, MediaGuru and more, and even from the Czech National TV.

Within a week we were able to digitize a retail industry when it usually takes about a year to create such a project. We are extremely grateful that we had a chance to participate in this life-changing project! Thank you to the incredible team at Rohlik.cz, especially Tomáš Čupr, and the wonderful team at Symbio Agency

Also, huge thanks to our incredibly professional and agile team: Dominika, Knarik, Eva, Miko, Jimmy, Martin, Patrik, Ondřej, Vit, Karel, Radek, David, Pavel, all 5 Jans and others 💜

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