We had an amazing time at HackTravel hackathon previous month in Brno. Thanks to all organizers, such as S.A.B. AerospaceKiwi.comCopernicus EU and all other supporters!

We did some hacking with the Copernicus satellite data and we used it to find ideal travel destinations in relation to the amount of snow, water level or air pollution. For these ideal destinations, we found transportation via Kiwi.com Tequila API. It also has a working user interface and you can try it on radar.siesta.cloud.

Eventually, we won the Kiwi.com challenge with this project and we were advanced to the global round! 🎉

It was nice to receive all the prizes, meet interesting people and play around with the satellite data. But the most positive thing we reflect to is to see different teams, institutions, and corporations working all together on global problems like deforestation, solar energy, life quality, and other issues. We believe various problems can be solved by innovation and it was a great experience to see all the people working together on the prototyping of these solutions.

Mikoláš Belec, CEO Siesta Codes

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